Inner Demons Records

Inner Demons Records is the home of all musical projects created by Dan Fox. At this time these projects are Loss, Fail and If, with more projects and collaborations in the works. IDR is also a record label dealing with releases by the “house bands” as well as providing information about other releases by our bands that have been released on other labels. To contact IDR about remixes, split releases or any other matter please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Loss is a project created out of need for an outlet. A very personal experience for the man behind it, all material is forged from life experiences built around the concepts of love, hate, sorrow or death. Loss has quickly begun to stand out among other artists of the genre by adding a brutally emotional edge to his music. Harsh and orchestrated electro-industrial.


This is the more experimental side of inner Demons Records. Fail is all recorded live to capture the intensity of that specific moment in time. The audio can range from harsh, distorted blasts of noise to more subtle ambient pieces. A great way to blow off steam after work on often emotionally draining Loss material.


If was created in the wake of a personal tragedy, and it is different from the other projects both in sound and the way it is produced. If is mainly software based, focusing on mellow but sorrowful electronica. Epic music to play after the end of your world.